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How to use the Sub/Swap marketplace

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The sub/swap platform was designed to make requesting shift covers fairer, fulfill more requests, and increase transparency. It provides an online marketplace where students can buy-out of attending their shifts using virtual currency. Prices are determined by the amount of notice given, thus incentivizing students to post their requests as early as possible. By using the platform, users no longer need to go through the hassle of finding someone to cover their shift or swapping shifts with someone else after posting their request.


Requests are currently priced based on how many days in advance they are posted using the following scheme:

Notice (Number of days)Price

Every semester, users receive 300 credits, plus any unused credits from prior semesters. Your credit count is displayed in the navigation bar.

How to create a request

  1. Every semester, Lab TA administrators will populate the platform with your permanent shift assignments, which you can view on the “Profile” page.
  2. To create a request, click the “Request” button next to the shift and enter the date you want covered. If you have enough credits, it will display the price and you can submit the request.


Accepting a request

All active requests are displayed on the Dashboard. You can switch between different courses at the top. You can accept a request in two different ways:



Accepting a request as a sub means taking on an extra shift. Once accepted, the price for the shift will be credited to you and you can view it in the “Upcoming Accepted Requests” tab of your Profile page.



If you want to attend a shift instead of one of your own, you can opt to swap. When you do, your chosen shift will be posted as a new request. You won’t get any credits for accepting a request as a swap, and you won’t be charged for the new request that is created.


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