Intro COS Lab

Head TAs: Diana Espindola & Austin Li

You have arrived at the website for Princeton University’s Department of Computer Science’s Intro COS Lab hosted in Lewis Library, rooms 121 and 122. Come to get debugging help with programming assignments in any of the courses of the introductory COS curriculum (COS 109, 126, 217, and 226).

Useful Links

  1. Read once before going to queue
  2. Access the Intro Lab Queue
  3. Give your Intro Lab TA some feedback
  4. Information about becoming an Intro Lab TA (and get paid!)


Fall 2022 Schedule - All Times in EST

126 and 226/217 lab TAs available7-11pm7-11pm7-11pm7-11pm7-11pm3-7pm5-11pm

Lab TAs will be available in-person and virtually at Tuesday through Thursdays and in-person ONLY in Lewis Library, rooms 121 and 122, Fridays through Mondays. Once you arrive in Lewis, to request help from the Lab TAs, go to Please note that Lab TAs focus ONLY on debugging questions with existing code, all other questions should be redirected to Ed or office hours (more info here).

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